Rules & Regulations
Festival Structure Teams Equipment Content Guidelines


Structure of the Festival

• There will be four categories of competition. Teams may only submit to one category. Maximum length will be limited to 10 minutes on all projects.

  Best Photo Slide show - Judged by photo-content and musical score.
Best Movie - Any genre, so long as its appropriate.
Best Digital Music Composition

• Teams or individuals will register online with the proposal form and selected category.
• Entries must be submitted by the scheduled deadline.
• Pre-screening will be done by volunteer MUG members.
• Final entries will be screened at the Premiere Night and winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of faculty, staff, and students.
• Final works must be submitted in the appropriate format for your type of project. If you're creating a movie, you'll need to export your project as a full-quality QuickTime movie and transfer the file onto a blank DVD-R disk. If you're creating a photo slideshow or music composition, please submit your project on CD-R.
• Please note that all teams are responsible for purchasing blank CD or DVD media to copy their project onto and are encouraged to make multiple copies to share with friends and family to look back on!
• Projects can be dropped off in the Undergraduate Library's Media Resources Center. Submissions should be left with Winifred Fordham Metz in the MRC.


• You can enter by yourself or as a team.
• Teams will consist of a maximum 5 people for movies and music videos, 2 for digital music compositions and photo slide shows.
• Faculty and staff may also submit projects, but these will be judged in a fourth category.
• Extras may be listed in the actual entries, but prizes will only be awarded to registered team members.
• Teams may be student organizations and clubs with 1 to 5 people appointed as the registered team members.
• Participants may be on more than one team, but they must declare a primary team (the only team they will be eligible for prizes).


• Participants may use campus labs (UL) and/or personal equipment
• iLife ’04 will be officially supported a recommended for composition. Other apps/platforms are not officially supported, but can be used.

Content Guidelines

The MiLife fesival wants you to be creative and therefore is pretty open to whatever you want to do. However, works with the following will not be considered for awards. please use your best judgement when creating your projects, and feel free to ask for guidance if you are unsure of certain material in your project.

Obscene material and language.
Excessive violence.
Alcohol/substance abuse.
Excessive smoking.
Brittney Spears (in light of last year's numerous Spears entries)

• Maximum length will be limited to 10 minutes on all projects.