Below you will find links to websites that will guide you in learning how to use the iApps as well as links to places whee you can use equipment for editing and check-out.

For inspiration, you may also want to check out Duke's iMovie festival, FroshLife. Duke has held this event for several years now and its works may give you inspiration, or at least show you how jealous Dookies are of Carolina! Check out the movies!

Where You Can Edit Your Projects on Campus & Obtain Equipment
(••••• - Highest Rated Facility)

••••• MRC Equipment checkout - Get cameras for check out, and get to work!

A special note from the MRC lab Manager -

  The Media Resources Center is happy to provide resources and support for contestants. There are just a couple things we would like folks to keep in mind.

Please be aware that the MRC has 3 videocameras to loan out to what is effectively the entire student, faculty and staff population at UNC - not just MiLife. We currently have reservations well into March, so if potential MiLife contestants want a videocamera from MRC, they should act fast.

Folks that want to use our digital still cameras have more leeway - reservations for these cameras only go into the beginning of February.

As always, anyone with an ONYEN can edit their material in the digital media lab in MRC, but please make MiLife contestants aware that, while it seems like we have a lot of space for people to store their work, there are a lot of people that use that same space. Several people working on video projects, will fill up our hard drives very quickly.

••••• The RB House Undergraduate Library Media Resource Center Digital Media & Audio Labs - Also known as the RBHULMRCDMAL, or just MRC, this is one of the only comprehensive professional labs that is open to all students on campus. The MRC is equipped with all the editing hardware and software you'll ever need.

••••• Beasley Multi-Media Lab at the Johnson Center for Undergraduate Excellence and OASIS - The Johnson Center Media Lab also contains a variety of industry standard multimedia creation equipment, and is open for use by College of Arts & Sciences faculty and undergraduate students with project-based web and multimedia development needs.

•••• CIT Multimedia Services -  There are a lot of useful links here on obtaining equipment and multimedia production. Contact Tom Cox with questions. 

Links for Tips & Learning
(••••• - Highest Rated Resource)

Below you will find links to specific tips on working on every step of your project, including preparation, production, and post-production. It's made by Apple, so you know it must be good!

••••• The Apple Store at the Streets of Southpoint - Get real time training and demonstrations of the iLife Applications! Click the link for directions and class times.

••••• Apple's iPhoto Tutorial - Learn iPhoto from Apple.

••••• Apple's iPhoto Support Site.

••••• Apple's iMovie Tutorial - Learn iMovie from Apple.

••••• Apples iMovie Support Site.

••••• Apple's iTunes Tutorial - Learn iTunes from Apple.

••••• Apple's iTunes Support Site.

••••• Apple's iDVD Support Site.

••••• Apple's GarageBand Support Site.

•••• Webmonkey: Digital Video Editing - Movie creation and iMovie advice from Webmonkey, in Webmonkey's easy to follow format.

•• Filmmaking Tips - For those of you who want to implement such cinematic niceties as "casting," "plot" and "character development."

•• Atomic Learning - iMovie 2 Video Tutorials, Full-service tutorials, delivered in stunning QuickTime video. Mainly for OS 9 users, but the QuickTime tutorials are really good!

Also - - A local iTunes web-forum worth checking out.

•••• Carroll Hall Mac Labs - Carroll Hall hosts four huge Mac Labs (about 70 Macs in all ) and has equipment exclusively for JoMC students. Labs include graphics, digital darkroom, and multimedia labs. great resource if you are a JoMC major or can get permission to use the facilities & equipment.

••• Peabody Hall Smallwood Mac Lab - Has 20 iMac DV for use by all UNC students. Currently undergoing partial renovations.

••• Swain Hall Production Facilities - Provides support for the Department of Communication Studies current semester's media studies production classes. The Swain Multimedia Lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to production class students in the department of Communication Studies who have authorized UNC One Card access for the semester they are in a production class.

••• Center for Instructional Technology - Provides multimedia support and loans out hardware.

•• RB House Undergraduate Library Collaboratory Lab - Small lab with two Macs for digital editing.

•• Center for Teaching & Learning at Wilson Library - Has some hardware you can check out.

School of Information and Library Science Lab - Maintains 4 Windows computers for SILS students for media editing. They aren't used much, but that's probably due to the fact that they are not Macs!

Contact People

Have a question? Ask us! You can contact Apple Computer Campus Representative Matt Davis or Apple System Engineer Francis Shepherd at and, respectively.

Other Festivals

Check out these other festivals for your project's inspiration!

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Bowling Green State University